Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Smoothie Electric Fruit Juicer Machine

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Product Type:Electric Fruit Juicer


Size:8*22.5 CM

Volume: 400 ML

Full recharge time: About 3 hours and you can make 10 to 12 cups of juice.


Small in size, portable and multi-use, can be used as common cup and juice blender, can mix all kinds of fruit and vegetables.
Healthy and environmentally-friendly, use new and nontoxic PP/PC material.
Safety, double safety protection switch, and charge/discharge protection.
Quick speed, can make a cup of juice within 1 minute.
Can be used repeatedly when fully charged, and easy to charge

How to use:

1.Wash the fruit,cut into small pieces about 1.5x1.5cm(nuclear material,hard,thick skin or hard shelled fruits,please remove it)
2.Put this fruit pieces into bottle,about 60% of the cup,after the adding water,so that the total volume accounts for about 80% of the cup
3,start the switch, when motor is rotating ,gently shake the product while working,so that the juice would be delicious.
4.The juice is finished,turn off the power switch,unscrew the cover to drink.If pomace is more, please use filter filtered before drinking.

Tips: Do not freeze, not intended for hot liquids, Do not use in microwave.

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