Comfy Dog pets cooling mat

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{Size}:  S:30x40cm;  
{Quantity}: 1PC
Pressure activated cooling keeps pets comfortable without freezing or refrigerating  
Can be easily placed on the pet's favorite bed  
Provide extra comfort for pets with joint pain  
Lightweight and portable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use  
Cooling mat keeps your pet cool and comfy that absorbs body heat. Duration depends on conditions.  
Mats for dogs preventing mosquito in summer nights and having a good sleep.
The CoolCore fabric is a fabric without chemical polymer material, glue, crystal or phase change material. The fibers used are safe and non-irritating fibers. This fabric is light, breathable and comfortable to wear compared to ordinary moisture-proof fabrics.  
Cooling core technology The cool feeling of the fabric is that the fabric regulates the temperature by absorbing heat, and the cooling factor gives the skin a cool feeling of comfort.
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